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We’re really happy you’re here. Emboldening you to tell your story, strengthen your prowess and advocate for your future is our passion.

Experiential Workshop

CAPTURE – Shattering Glass Ceilings Through Reflective Storytelling
An Experiential Workshop for Women

We have been working shoulder-to-shoulder focusing on our passion to elevate women in business through speaking engagements and one-on-one mentorship opportunities. After collaborative soul searching and a lot of research, we decided there was a great need for a professional development program that goes beyond the basic one-size-fits-all approach. We strive to share real human stories from women and men in leadership positions that are raw, authentic and most importantly, relatable.

CAPTURE is a customized, experiential workshop built on the foundation of honest and compelling stories that inspire and educate women in business on how to strategically navigate obstacles to advance and thrive. In our workshop, you will hear from a diverse group of powerhouse business women and men, each with their own stories, who lead by example and do not shy away from sharing their failures, moments of growth, and true secrets to success.

A few of the topics covered in our program include the credibility complex, personal branding, mental health, and anxiety, building your tribe, mentorship, sexual harassment prevention, strategic networking, and more.


Keynote Session

#MeetingsToo: How to Prevent Sexual Harassment at Events

Our collaboration started on stage through a series of empowering keynote presentations. Together, we sparked a movement called #MeetingsToo, a conversation and initiative to educate professionals on how to prevent sexual harassment in the meetings and events industry. In this interactive presentation, we share tangible steps that event organizers can immediately implement into their contingency plan.

One-on-One Mentorship

We believe that women achieve more when they work together. Our mission is to help you grow personally and professionally through sharing knowledge and experiences and by providing intentional mentorship.

Some of the areas we specialize in include: confidence coaching, personal branding (digital + offline), mental health and anxiety management, strategic networking, board engagement, and more.

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